social media

Would you like to make sure you not missing all the action that is currently going on with Social Media? After all, more people are turning to these type sites to make their decisions based on the community input they provide. Your business needs to be there in a pro-active way....not waiting for the word on the street to be started by some malicious stranger.


The 800 lb elephant in this arena is FaceBook. Businesses have the opportunity to frame their business with their image on what is known as Facebook Fan Pages.

Setting one of these up, however, can be a little daunting for the non-technical internet user. But, it really imperative you have a presence on Facebook, and Link To The Future can take care of building, and if you like, maintaining a FB Fan Page.

Blog Creation

Equally of important are Blogs where you start an ongoing "conversation" with your clients....even if it is just to announce sales and specials. Blogs are also easy for even the most beginner user to interface with and post material.

Additionally, the more you use your blog, the higher you will likely rank in the search engines because they love to see a website owner adding new content.

LTTF will set up a blog for you to start speaking to your clients and prospects....or you can have someone else do it for you, including us if you like.

In any event, you really need to make an effort to promote you company in a non-sales pitch way- this is the time of the soft sale, and blogs get the job done.

Twitter Creation

Twitter is starting to become one of those household terms. Admittedly no all of us completely understand the service and what it can do for you.

However, think of it this is another outlet to communicate with your customers and get a short message to them as well as assist you in creating links back to your site for SEO purposes.

We recently heard of a baker who "tweets" every time he has fresh items coming out of the oven....and the locals in that neighborhood run to get a hot fresh bakery item. It can work for you too.